• I am teaching 6th Grade Language Arts on Team Dartmouth this year! This webpage will give you a general idea about who I am.  I would like to welcome both students and parents to the 2018-2019 school year and to 6th Grade Language Arts!  This year is a great one to learn and to get to know each of my students. I look forward to helping every student grow academically and as a person this year.

    If you ever need to get in contact me it's best to contact me via e-mail: dean.latta@wylieisd.net



    Class Schedule:


    8:15-8:53 - Conference

    8:55-10:13 -  ELAR Block 1

    10:16-10:53 - ELAR Block 2 (Part 1)

    10:56-11:28 - Lunch

    11:33-12:03 - ELAR Block 2 (Part 2)

    12:14-1:28 - ELAR Block 3

    1:31-2:49 - Advanced ELAR Block 4

    2:52-3:30 - Conference




     "Think College Thursday" is a day each week where our students can wear any University shirt to school. The goal of this program is to make students aware of Colleges & Universities that are out there and prompt our students to begin thinking about school once they graduate from High School. Wear your favorite college shirt every Thursday!