Wylie ISD High School Academic Planning Guide

  • The Wylie ISD Academic Planning Guide is intended for use by students graduating in 2018 and beyond. The guide represents the school administration's continuing efforts to provide pertinent information regarding high school graduation. The guide has been assembled utilizing Texas Education Agency publications as they apply to the local district.

    The Wylie ISD Academic Planning Guide lists the courses available to high school students. Not every course will be offered during each academic school year. All courses are dependent on staffing limitations and student interest. Every effort will be made by the high schools to meet as many student requests for courses as possible.  The Wylie ISD Academic Planning Guide is updated annually as courses are added and removed.  Wylie ISD follows TEA regulations regarding the length of courses and required course sequences.  The course guide also offers graduation plans, requirements, and academic program information. Students must contact the college or university they are interested in attending so that requirements for entrance are met.

    Requirements in this academic planning guide are effective for students graduating from Wylie High School, Wylie East High School and Choice Academic High School in 2018 and beyond. In the future, changes may be made to this guide in order to comply with new state legislation.