• !!!Let's Go Raiders!!!

    Welcome to Digital Media, Social Media Marketing, Sports & Entertainment Marketing, & Digital Audio Technology!


    Please see a listing of the course schedule below.

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    B Lunch Tutorials



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  • Join Raider Records Today!! 

    Imagine walking around the hallways and seeing your classmates nod their heads to music YOU'VE had a hand in creating!!! That's just one of the goals of Raider Records!

    Raider Records is a Music Business Club that is available to Wylie East H.S. students. 

    This club offers students the opportunity to participate and grow in the following Music Business areas:


    Recording & Production

    Audio Engineering

    Music Distribution

    Artist Management

    Licensing and Copyrights

    Lyric Writing


    Stop by Room 414 or contact Mr. Turner for more information about joining this club!



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