Alma Mater

  • Hear the Alma Mater from the WEHS Raider Choir here

    We Raiders, together, stand strong for The Blue and White,

    These colors wave freely as a symbol of our pride.

    EAST be our treasure, Never surrender, And with the sun we rise.

    With majesty, and sheer grandeur.

    Long live Blue, White, and Wylie East Pride.


    Lyrics by Justin Wagenhauser Class of 2012

Fight Song

  • Fight, Raiders, Fight!

    Fight, Raiders, Fight!

    Fight for the school we love so dearly.


    We’ll hit’em high

    And we’ll hit’em low.

    We’ll push that ball across the goal.



    We’ll praise your name.

    We’ll boost you to fame.

    Fight for the blue and the white.


    We will hit ’em; we will wreck ’em,

    Hit ’em, wreck ’em Wylie East!

    Victory bells will ring out!