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    Mrs. Nicholson’s HARVARD Schedule

    7:45-8:10              Zero Hour 
    8:15-8:53              Teacher Prep/Student Electives 
    8:55-10:13            Block A-Advanced Math 
    10:16-11:28          Block B- Advanced Math 
    11:33-12:05          Block C-Advanced Math 
    12:08-12:38          Lunch/Recess 
    12:41-1:28            Block C (continues) 
    1:31-2:08              Block D-World Cultures 
    2:11-2:49              Teacher Math PLC/Student PE 
    2:52-3:30              Block D- RTI 

    Weekly Tutoring Schedule, 3:45pm-4:30pm
    Monday-   World Cultures
    Tuesday- Mathematics
    Wednesday- Science
    Thursday- ELA
    Friday- No tutoring

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    Weekly Expectations:
    Bring all materials to class
    Be Respectful, Responsible, & Ready to Learn
    Homework:  due every Thursday
    TTM:  Earn 2 certificates by Friday of each week




Degrees and Certifications: