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    Mrs. Nicholson’s Schedule

    8:15-9:26               Block A- Pre-Advanced Placement Math
    9:29-10:03             Conference Time
    10:06-11:17           Block B- Pre-Advanced Placement Math
    11:20-11:54           Lunch
    11:57-1:08             Block C- Pre-Advanced Placement Math
    1:11-1:45               Block D- Pre-Advanced Placement Math
    1:48-2:21               Math Planning with 6th Grade Math Team
    2:24-2:57               Block D- Pre-Advanced Placement Math
    3:00-3:30               RTI

    Daily Expectations:  Respectful, Responsible, and Ready to Learn
    Bring all materials to class, participate, and help make the learning environment fun & positive for ALL!

    Beginning of year homework will be Education Galaxy LiftOff Rockets.
    Once the expectations on EdGal are met, you will move to Imagine Math.

    Davis Weekly Tutoring Schedule, 3:30pm-4:20pm
    Monday-  Social Studies
    Tuesday- Mathematics
    Wednesday- Science
    Thursday- ELA
    Friday- No tutoring 



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