• Welcome to Advanced Geoetry, Dual Credit College Algebra, and Dual Credit Statistics. Algebra is the foundation of much of mathematics. It is the language we use to solve problems. Geometry and Statistics, on the other hand, are subjects where we see all the math we've learned come together, disciplines which we can apply to create things and/or describe the world around us.

    One of the things I truly enjoy is teaching students how to approach problems. So in our classes, we will learn how to formulate rigorous proofs using inductive and deductive reasoning, and we will find out how much fun it is to do this. My recommendation - think of your assignments as mini puzzles to be solved and that we are learning techniques to help us put them together more easily. Students learn best by working and trying, not by listening to me talk, so I keep my lectures to a minimum. My philosophy on teaching is that it is my job to help you learn and do everything I can to help you do so, and I expect the same level of commitment from you. We will have a great time this year, and I am happy for all of you to be in my class.

    Class Schedule:

    1st Period: College Algebra and Statistics

    2nd Period: Advanced Geometry

    3rd Period: College Algebra and Statistics

    4th Period: College Algebra and Statistics  

    5th Period: College Algebra and Statistics

    6th Period: College Algebra and Statistics  


    Tutoring Times:

    MWF 8:30 - 8:55 as well as 1st half of lunch

    Other times by appointment