• Greetings TO ALL OF MY WHS/CC students!

    I look forward to seeing you either on Thursday, August 14 or Friday, August 15. All of your questions (where is the syllabus? do I need to bring my laptop? (yes),

    what text do I need? are we going to have class?, will this be on the test?, is this really college or just pretend??????) will be answered when we first meet.

    See you then, but first enjoy the last few days of your summer...go out and frolic if you haven't yet done so.......

    R. Gawedzinski

    Associate Professor of English


    Or just



    1st period    Room 247   English 1301 Dual Credit MWF

    2nd period   conference

    3rd period   Room 247  English 1301 Dual Credit MWF

    4th  period  Room 247  ENGL 1301 Dual Credit T TH

    5th period   Room 247  English 1301 Dual Credit MWF

    6th period   Room 247  English 1301 Dual Credit MWF

    7th period   Room 247  Academic Decathlon




    MWF before school (starting at 800-840),

    MTWTH during lunch (FIRST half of lunch only)

    Tutorials for ENGL 1301 by appointment only


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