• District Established Dress Code

    The dress code has many elements that you should read to be fully aware of the details. The ruling details can be found via the following links:

    • A school focused description of these is also included in the student handbook. 
    • For a simpler look at most of the dress code rules, see this Dress Code Examples document. 
    • District Dress Code Overview contains the more general guidelines and specific dress restrictions. 

    Dress Code Quick Summary

    Dress Code summary

    This summary assumes you know the details above and is meant as a quick reference for themed exceptions we have to the standardized dress norms. 

    • Monday and Tuesday are standardized dress days, following the board policies (details found in the handbook) but basically as follows: 
      • solid color polo shirts with small logos that fit appropriately or are tucked in
      • khaki style pants of solid standard color or similar skirts/shorts of appropriate length (approaching the knee)
      • belt of solid standard color
    • Wednesday is standardized dress with the exception of class shirts (purchased through school) are allowed as an alterative to the polo. Jeans are permitted only when paired with a class shirt. 
    • Thursday is Think College Thursday, which allows students to wear appropriately cut shirts from any university along with standardized pants. Jeans are permitted only when paired with a college shirt. 
    • Friday is a spirit day where any official Wylie East shirt (including official club and organization) shirts may be worn. Jeans are permitted only when paired with a spirit shirt.