• Student Computer Accounts

    The student account is set up through the school's Microsoft network and is often called the computer login. As such, passwords need to be set up using Windows computers and cannot be completed on Chromebooks. 

    The account name is your student ID (or lunch number).

    The passwords must have an uppercase letter, a lower case letter, a number, and be at least 8 characters long. 

    If you forget your password, you should visit the library, where they can reset your password for you. 


    School Google Account

    Every student on campus also has a google account, which enables email, Chromebook login, Google classroom, YouTube uploads, and Google Doc use. Because these are run under Google's education services, they offer some benefits over using personal email accounts. 

    • You have more storage space on your school account than a personal account allows. 
    • You have access to the directory, enabling you to email or share documents with any student or teacher at the school without having to ask their account information. 
    • You can log in to the school Chromebooks, which are managed to not allow personal accounts. 

    Please note that the school is not asking students to stop using personal accounts. It is easy to set up mobile phones and computers to switch between multiple Google accounts. Ask a friendly teen how to do this and many can help you set it up. 

    The school email addresses follow a pattern based on the student's names and ID number as follows.

    • [1st 3 letters of the last name][1st 3 letters of 1st name][last 3 digits of ID number]@apps.wylieisd.net.
    • Example: If a student named Lucille Ball had an ID number of 123456, her address (Google account name) would be balluc456@apps.wylieisd.net. 

    The password for this account is the synced with the school account password as set up on the Windows computers.