Dual Language Program

  • Wylie ISD’s Two Way Dual Language program is a biliteracy program that integrates students proficient in English and students of limited English proficiency while providing instruction in core content areas in both English and Spanish. The program is an enrichment approach aiming for all to attain proficiency in two languages with high levels of achievement in all of the core content areas.

    The Two Way Dual Language program is designed to promote bilingualism, biliteracy, multicultural competence, and academic achievement in student participants.

    Important features at the forefront of developing our program include:

    • Assessment
    • Curriculum
    • Instructional Practices
    • Staff Quality and Professional Development
    • Program Structure
    • Family and the Community
    • Administrative, family and community support

What Researchers Say

  • Children who study a second language during the primary grade levels...

    • learn and excel in a second language at a faster pace (Krashen, 1982).
    • show greater cognitive development (Kauta, 1990).
    • have increased listening skills, memory, and a greater understanding of their native language (Lapkin, 1990).
    • have an improved self concept and sense of achievement in school (Caine & Caine, 1997).

Campus Locations

An Inside Look at the Dual Language Program

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    Dual Language: A Parent's Perspective

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