Campus Volunteer Procedures

  • Campus Volunteer Procedures 

    Volunteers are an important part of the campus. Volunteers provide service and support for both students and teachers.    Davis Intermediate is committed to the partnership between parents and the school community.  The campus principal is directly responsible for campus volunteers.  The campus principal will assess the need for volunteer services and will determine the schedule and assignments for volunteers at his/her school.

    ·        All campus volunteers must complete a criminal background check on file an d successfully pass the background check before volunteering on any Wylie ISD campus. This must be completed each year prior to the volunteer working on the campus.

    ·      Volunteers may be assigned in the same classroom as his/her child. However, this type of assignment must be approved by both the campus principal and the classroom teacher.

    ·       Campus volunteer activities include the following: material preparation, assisting on field trips, and assistance for classroom and/or cam pus celebrations/special events.

    ·       Volunteer activities/assignments may not include duties which compromise the privacy of student academic records, student data, or information regarding services to students. Additionally, volunteer activities which take place in the main office may not include any activity where student or parent information is compromised. The Family Rights and Privacy Act (FER PA) requires procedures that protect the privacy of the students' educational records, services to the student, and parent/family information.

    ·       If any concerns arise regarding volunteers, the principal will make the final determination as to whether the volunteer assignment continues or whether the volunteer assignment on campus is limited.

    Parents/community members who wish to volunteer should not be confused with a request to visit a classroom for observation purposes. If a parent requests a visit to the classroom to observe his/her child, this observation must be pre-approved by both the principal and the teacher since visitors in the classroom are disruptive to many students. The classroom visit should be limited to no more than one hour and to one observation per semester per teacher.  I n the secondary grades, the visit should be limited to no more than one hour and to one observation per semester, per instructor.

    Background checks must be submitted, reviewed and approved prior to serving on our campuses.

    Review, understand and sign a confidentiality agreement prior to serving on any campus.

    Check in via the RAPTOR system and wear a name badge every time you come on any campus.

    Dress appropriately for all situations.  Our dress code can be found at

    The WISD is operated under the rules and guidelines appointed to us through the state of Texas, and as such anyone serving at any of our facilities must adhere to laws governing the separation of church and state.  Therefore as a volunteer proselytizing is not allowed on any of our campuses or facilities

    Negative or derogatory comments about any students or staff you are working with should only be discussed with the proper school personnel.  Social media is in no way to be used to vent any concerns regarding any of our students, staff or facilities.

    Maintain appropriate relationships and communication with all students and staff that you are volunteering with.

    NEVER be alone with a student at any time!

    Never accompany any students into any restroom or locker room facilities.  All volunteers will be asked to use the designated facilities provided to our staff.

    Always report any concerns you may have for a student’s wellbeing to their teacher, if you have a direct concern regarding a teacher please report immediately to the principal.  Under no circumstances should any concerns regarding students or faculty be discussed with anyone other than the proper school personnel. 

    Maintain appropriate physical contact with all students and staff i.e. please do not allow any students to sit in your lap and maintain a policy of hugging from shoulder to shoulder. 

    Again please note that these policies are in place to protect our students, staff, and you, our volunteers.  If you ever have a question regarding proper conduct please ask appropriate personnel immediately.  We welcome your questions and your constructive feedback as together we make learning fun!