• Everyday is a movie, only if everybody's lives were captured on reel.”
    ― Suyasha Subedi


     Mr. Wade Ross

    Video Productions

    AV, AV II, Practicum

    Tuturing Schedule:

    M, W, F


    Email: wade.ross@wylieisd.net




    Class Scedule:

    1st Period: Principles of A/V

    2nd Period: Principles of A/V

    3rd Period: A/V II

    4th Period: A/V II

    5th Period: Practicum A/V

    6th Period: Practicum A/V

    7th Period: Conference

    General FAQs
    Can you do after-school tutorials? I am scheduled to arrive at 8 am every day and can work with you before school or during my lunch ( except Wednesdays and Fridays). I'm also available via email almost all the time.If you need specific studio time please schedule that with me personally. We will officially schedule you for a time, given no prior engagements. Thanks