Welcome to Hartman Music!

*** for rehearsal & event times & dates, please check student folders or see the Hartman Music Facebook page ***

Class Schedule

  • Welcome to Hartman Music!  Here you will find relevant information pertaining to your student's participation in the Music Department here at Hartman.   

    Also coordinated through the Music Department are awards ceremonies & campus special events such as Hartman Huddle Pep Rallies, 4th grade Graduation, etc.  Information pertaining to those events will be communicated via handouts in folders, Facebook, the campus calendar & other means of communication.   


    Your student will attend music class one day per week, with the exception of weeks when we are accommodating extra rehearsal time or activities in another Rotation class.

    Tennis shoes/clothes that are appropriate for floor seating (criss cross) and lots of movement are HIGHLY recommended.   


    Music Class Schedule

    1st period:  2nd grade music classes

    2nd period:  classroom intervention

    3rd period:  1st grade music classes

    4th period:  conference/planning

    5th period:  Kindergarten music classes

    6th period:  4th grade music classes

    7th period:  3rd grade music classes

    * after-school rehearsals are held most days September-March (times/student required vary)

    Available for conferences @ 10-05-11:00A upon appointment.