Current Unit of Study: During this unit, students use their understandings of multiplication as the framework for developing an understanding of division. Students use the sharing or partitioning model, as well as the repeated subtraction model, to connect understandings about multiplication to division. For the first time, students are introduced to the divisibility rules and use the divisibility rule of 2 and/or partitioning into two equal groups to determine if a number is odd or even. Through concrete and pictorial models of equal groups, arrays, and area models, students explore the mathematical relationships within and between multiplication and division. Students use multiplication and division facts, to construe division models (e.g., the product of a multiplication fact becomes the dividend in its related division fact). This inverse relationship between multiplication and division provides a mathematical foundation for learning basic facts families. Various strategies, including the inverse relationship, are applied to solve contextual one-step multiplication and division problems with products and dividends within 100.