Classroom Announcements

  • Welcome to U.S. History!

     All other class information will be on our Canvas website. Please see link below. 

    Bell Schedule:

    8:15-9:01       1st:   U.S. History
    9:05-9:56       2nd:  U.S. History
    10:00-10:46   3rd:  U.S. History
    10:50-11:45   4th:  PLC/Lunch 
    11:49-12:44   5th:  G.E.M.S
    12:48-1:43     6th:  G.E.M.S
    1:47-2:33       7th:  Conference
    2:40-3:26       8th: U.S. History PAP 


    7:45-8:10 & 3:30-4:00 Check schedule on my door to see which teacher/classroom will be hosting tutorials.