Welcome to our classroom!  

    I am Ms. Wilbanks
    My email is:
    Here you will find the following information:
    • Classroom Schedule 
    • Tutoring Options
    • Curriculum Focus 

    Classroom Schedule: 

    1st Period:  Conference 
    2nd Period: Ela 1   9:55-10:50
    3rd Period:  Inclusion   10:55-11:45
    LUNCH: 12:45- 1:35
    4th Period:  Inclusion 11:50-12:40
    5th Period:  Ela 1  1:40-2:30
    6th Period:  Ela 2 2:35-3:25
    7th Period:  Inclusion:  3:30-4:20 

    Tutoring Options:

    Wednesday and Friday mornings before school  
    Otheres by request
    Course Curriculum:
    U01 -  Foundations of Reading & Writing
    U02A -  Literary Text: Analysis & Response
    U03 -  Informative Texts: Analysis and Composition
    U04 -  Argumentative Texts: Rhetorical Analysis and Composition
    U05A -  - Finding Connections Across Genres: Literary, Informational; Argumentative Texts
    U05B -  - Finding Connections across Literary, Information, and Argumentative Texts Con’t
    U06 - - Producing Genres Authentically in a Real World Context