• Welcome to Texas History at Burnett Junior High
    On-Line Textbook:  We have a book on-line for students to use. To help, here is the website:   http://connected.mcgraw-hill.com/connected/login.do  
    How to Log On to Textbook:  To log on, students need to use the following format:
    Username:   In the box, please type -    WISD-StudentID#  (Ex:  If John Smith has the ID of 123456, John would type  WISD-123456  in the user name box.  It does have to have the dash in between WISD and the ID number as shown or it will not log on)
    Password:  In the password box, students type their first and last name initials and their birthday in numerical form.  Depending on the birthday, students may need zeros (for example, if the birthday is in April, the student would need to put "04" for the birthday.  Using the same example, John Smith's birthday is May 1, 2003.  If John was a student, John would type in the password box  JS05012003.  
    Daily Needed Supplies:   Students bring to class every day except for their composition books) 
    a)  A One Inch Binder (any color) that is dedicated to just or Texas History Pre AP
    b)  Pens or Pencils  
    c)  1 Pencil Supply Bag to secure the pens and pencils.
    d)  Notebook Paper  (Regular or College Ruled are both okay - dedicated or just for Texas History Pre AP)
    e) Composition Notebook (remains in classroom) 
    f)  Headphones for Chromebooks 
  • Class Schedule for 2018-2019
    1st Period:      Pre AP Texas History
    2nd Period:     Conference Period (9:05-9:45 AM)
    3rd Period:      Pre AP Texas History
    4th Period:      Conference
    5th Period:      Pre AP Texas History
    6th Period:      Pre AP Texas History
    7th Period:      Pre AP Texas History 
    8th Period:      Pre AP Texas History  
    Tutorial Schedule:  Fall Semester 2019 (Times subject to alterine when teacher duty times change after first term due to change of teacher duty schedule) 
     Day  AM Tutorial     PM Tutorial



     None  3:35- 4:15



     7:45-8:05  3:35- 4:15
     Wednesday       None



    Thursday   7:45-8:05


     Friday  None None

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