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    Homework Central:

    Final 4 Grades of the Year:  Advanced Texas History

    Composition Book (Pages 26-28; 39-50):  Due Monday, May 6th

    Quiz:  7 Principles of Government and Bill of Rights  (Taken on Friday, May 10th)

    Composition Book (Pages 29-37):  Due Monday, May 13th

    DA 5 - (Taken on Tuesday, May 14th)


    *** No other grades will be taken past May 14th



    2023-2024 School Year 

     Daily Needed Supplies for 2023-2024:

    a)  1 inch binder for history class only

    b)  Pens (any color is fine) OR Pencils (regular or mechanical is fine)

    c)  1 package of notebook paper (regular or college rule)

    d)  1 composition notebook (any color, any style is fine)

    e)  1 package of divider tabs (we will need 3 total)

    Occasional Supplies Needed for 2023-2024:

    a) Poster boards 

    b) Markers (8 count is fine)

    c) Color Pencils (12 count is fine)

    d) Package of 3x5 note cards 


    3 Binder Tab Organization Order for 2023-2024:

    Tab 1:  Classwork/Homework

    Tab 2:  Current Bundle Notes

    Tab 3:  APUSH/Extension Items


    Class Rules for 2023-2024:

    1) Be Ready when the Bell Rings  

    2) Be a HELP:  Helpful, Engaged, Listening, and Participating

    3) Be a Direction Follower

    4) Be Positive and Kind to Everyone


    Potential Consequences for Not Following Class Rules for 2023-2024:

    1) Warning Given to Student Reminding Expectations

    2) Second Warning, Phone Call or Email Sent to Parent.  Skyward Discipline note.

    3) Lunch Detention 

    4) Before/After School Detention

    5) Referral to Office 






  • Class Schedule - Fall of 2023

    Advanced Texas History:  Periods 1, 3, 5, 6, 7 and 8


    Tutorial Schedule:   2023-2024

     Day  Tutorial Times
    Monday 7:45-8:10 and 3:45-4:25
    Tuesday 3:45 - 4:25 only
    Wednesday No Tutorials Today
    Thursday 7:45-8:05 and 3:45-4:15
    Friday No Tutorials Today