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The Technology Department provides service and support to schools and Educational Support Center offices in the acquisition and use of technology throughout the District. We enable students and teachers to access technology and information resources through information sharing, Internet access, technology training, and curriculum development. We work closely with the Curriculum and Staff Development departments to ensure technology is integrated into the classroom environment to enhance student learning.

Under the direction of Chris Lamb, Chief Information Officer, our primary work is categorized into three areas of service:

The department is committed to the highest quality of customer service, while maintaining a sense of warmth and respect for all, by providing innovative, collaborative solutions in a fun and productive environment.

  • Infrastructure Services - This group supports and maintains the District's wide area network (WAN) and a local area network (LAN) on campus and administrative sites. They are also responsible for the installation of all file and application servers, nightly backups, policy management, as well as virus management.
  • Information Services - This group provides the foundation for student information systems, business applications and other web-based functionality. They maintain all student and financial information necessary to run the district. They are also responsible for development of new applications, enhancements or increased functionality for existing applications, and support for district-wide applications. The group includes PEIMS (Public Education Information Management System) which reports all district data to the state of Texas.
  • Technical Services - This group supports Wylie ISD's computing needs with desktop and peripheral support, multi-media services, help desk, application and file sharing, and equipment repair. Within the group are several talented individuals responsible for keeping each assigned campus running on a day to day basis.

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Department Staff

Chris Lamb

Chief Information Officer

David Burkhart

Director of Technology Services

James Matthews

Director of Information Services

Anthony Ventura

Director of Infrastructure Services

Rob Butler

Technology Services Coordinator

Agnes Kiertscher

Peims Coordinator

Tracy Allen

Administrative Assistant

Randal Barnhart

Physical Security Administrator
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