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Crisis Communications

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Wylie ISD follows a comprehensive Emergency Operations Plan (EOP), which includes procedures for a wide variety of emergencies.  Student safety is the priority in every phase of the EOP and we remain in constant contact with local emergency management officials throughout any emergency.

Communication is a major component of our EOP. Wylie ISD utilizes several communications methods to keep parents informed, depending on the nature of the incident and the actions we may need parents to take. These include the Wylie ISD mobile app, website, Facebook and Twitter, an automated notification system (text, e-mail and/or telephone messages), and when needed, the news media. In order to focus our attention on student safety during an emergency, communications efforts will be coordinated at the district level.

In a true emergency, events happen fast and situations can vary from campus to campus. We will do our best to keep you informed in a timely manner, especially as it pertains to early or delayed dismissal times, transportation issues and any other changes to your child’s instructional day. We understand that there is not one communication tool that will reach everyone, so throughout the course of an emergency, we may use a variety of methods to communicate with you. Please remember that the nature of the situation will determine which communications method we use. Non-emergency situational updates will generally be made via social media. When a specific response or instructions are required, multiple communications methods will be utilized.

Wylie ISD Connect (ParentSquare)

Wylie ISD Connect (our custom ParentSquare program) is the primary communications tool for all Wylie ISD information. Encourage all parents and guardians to download and install the Wylie ISD Connect app from your app store. During a crisis situation, the district will send important updates and instructions to parents via push notifications through the app. Parents can customize how they receive these messages by setting their preferences within the app or by logging in via a web browser at Phone numbers and email addresses listed in Skyward are automatically synced to the ParentSquare system. You must sign into the system with the same contact information you provided in Skyward. You must be logged into the app in order to receive notifications.

Please visit the Wylie ISD Connect help page for assistance with downloading and using the app.

Facebook ( and Twitter (@WYLIEISD)

Messages will be posted as quickly as possible to Wylie ISD’s Facebook page and Twitter feed, and, when possible, the campus pages. We also use Facebook to post notices about campus safety drills.

The Wylie ISD website (

District-wide emergency messages and updates will be posted on every Wylie ISD webpage as they develop.

Local news media

When appropriate, Wylie ISD will make information available to local television and radio stations and will enlist their assistance in communicating with our audiences.

Please remember that we work very hard to keep your children safe at school. In the event of severe weather or another emergency where conditions outside the school are unsafe, we will shelter our students and staff in place and avoid sending anyone outside of the building until the threat has passed.

During emergencies, we urge you to avoid coming to the school until you are notified that it is safe to do so. If you choose to do so, there may be significant delays in our ability to release individual students to parents, as our priority will be maintaining the safety of the overall campus population. When regular dismissal times or procedures are altered due to an emergency, we will have a student sign-out process in place for the safety of all concerned.

Every day we focus on creating a safe and secure instructional environment. As a parent, you can help by having the Wylie ISD Connect app installed and making sure all your contact information is up to date.

Thank you for collaborating with us to keep our school safe, the Wylie Way.