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Buzz-In System

Buzzer and Camera System Procedures

Wylie ISD is committed to providing the safest possible environment for our students and staff. As part of this process, we have implemented an access control system at all Wylie ISD campuses. These changes are based on the results of parent and staff surveys along with input from our first responders and are in line with the Governor’s recommendations for keeping our schools safe.

During the Fall semester of 2018, a new buzzer/camera system was installed at all schools. This system provides controlled access to schools during the school day. In addition to the buzzer/camera outside the front doors, an additional electronic lock will be placed on the door leading from the office to the school. These measures will provide an additional layer of security.

The procedure for all visitors to all Wylie ISD schools is:

  1. Locate the intercom/camera at the main (front) entrance
  2. Press the “PUSH” button on the intercom
  3. Please be sure you are in front of the camera on the panel
  4. Someone will see you and will respond verbally
  5. You will be asked who you are here to see and to show an ID. Please hold the ID so that it is viewable. Acceptable ID’s include:
    1. Driver’s license
    2. Wylie ISD (or other school) ID badge
    3. Wylie ISD Pre-Check ID
    4. Student ID
    5. Passport or other government issued ID
  6. The door will be unlocked for you to enter the building
  7. Please do not allow other visitors to enter with you
  8. All visitors will then report to the office to check in and be issued a visitors badge (A Wylie ISD Pre-Check ID may be used in place of a sticker)
  9. All visitors will need to be buzzed through the door from the office in to the campus as well.

Video Entry Process