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Safety & Security

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The Wylie Independent School District is committed to providing a safe environment for students, staff, and visitors. We work closely with our first responders to ensure our schools are well prepared for an emergency. We have developed a comprehensive plan that covers a wide variety of events such as natural disasters, criminal acts, medical emergencies, reunification, and recovery. This guide aids our district employees, students, and our public safety partners when an incident occurs in our schools. 

The backbone of our school safety plan are the police officers from the Wylie Police Department and Sachse Police Department that work within our schools. These school resource officers (SRO) are carefully selected, specially trained, and properly equipped full-time law enforcement professionals with sworn law enforcement authority trained in school-based law enforcement and crisis response. SROs contribute to the campus team by working closely with campus staff, deterring criminal activities, investigating crime, educating students about law-related topics, and mentoring students as informal advisers and role models.

Wylie ISD has employed the latest technologies and procedures to create safe and secure schools, including cameras, automated doors, a district-wide digital radio system, and severe weather shelters. Systems are continually evaluated for effectiveness while new innovations are explored to meet the ever-changing safety and security landscape.

Experts agree that relationships are a key component of a campus community’s overall safety and security culture. Wylie ISD will continue the work of building and advocating for relationships between students, staff, police, and citizens in our district. We are all part of a community caring for each other’s safety and wellbeing.


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