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High School dance team


High School: 9th - 12th Grades

The High school dance program is designed for all students—those with no prior dance experience and those with previous training. Students work to understand and evaluate dance performances, pursue dance as an avocation, or study dance at the college and/or professional levels. The Dance program focuses on:

  • Performing techniques in ballet, modern, tap, and ethnic dance
  • Understanding the history of dance and the influences that shape diverse dance traditions
  • Describing the position of feet, legs, hands, arms, and torso and basic step sequences with dance vocabulary
  • Understanding the concepts of time, space, dynamics, rhythm, motivation, and gesture in relation to dance performance
  • Developing and utilizing personal criteria to evaluate and discuss performance in dance.

Dance I establishes the foundation of knowledge and skills that will be developed further in Dance II-IV. Each course level is a series of discrete instructional units and is an integral building block for more advanced work. In Dance II, III, and IV, students may focus on specific genres, such as ballet or modern, to gain in-depth knowledge and proficiency. Dance requires consistent, structured practice to refine techniques. It is a rigorous art form that fosters the exploration and appreciation of diverse traditions and develops skills of observation, analysis, expression, and reflection.

Social Media

Wylie High School
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Twitter: @PacesettersAHMO
Instagram: piratepacesetters,
Instagram: ahmodance


Wylie East High School
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Campus Dance Contacts

Riley Bell

Math Teacher, Drill Team
McMillan Junior High

Lacey Boruk

Math Teacher, Drill Team
Cooper Junior High, Whitt Elementary

Abby Hardage

Dance Teacher, Asst. Dance & Drill Team
Wylie East High School, Wylie High School

Stephanie Jackson

Dance Teacher
Wylie East High School

Brittany Miller

Forensic Science Teacher, Drill Team
Wylie East High School

Audrah Romero

ELL Teacher, Drill Team
Burnett Junior High, Harrison Intermediate

Allyson Wallace

Dance Teacher
Wylie High School