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Career & Technical Education

Wylie ISD recognizes and is committed to providing students a comprehensive Career and Technical Education program that prepares them to be ready for the future. College and career awareness, exploration and planning are integral parts of the Wylie ISD Academic and Career Connections mission.

Wylie ISD CTE Mission

Wylie ISD’s Career and Technical Education program is committed to preparing students to succeed in the 21st Century and in making seamless transitions to their next phases in life. Wylie ISD provides all students the opportunity to enroll in CTE courses that are meaningful, relevant, and aligned with challenging academic standards as well as real world industry demands.

Wylie ISD CTE Vision

Quality partnerships with business, industry and the Wylie community are instrumental in ensuring that our students graduate with technical knowledge and skills needed to prepare them for postsecondary education and for careers in emerging professions.

Students have access to robust, technology rich opportunities for career exploration in 12 of the 16 CTE Career Clusters and 4 of the 5 Endorsements. With over 30 Career Experiences available, Wylie students are able to choose an academic pathway that connects their areas of interest with their high school education goals.

Career and Technical Education provides a connection where academic knowledge is made meaningful and relevant through applied, real-world experiences in the classroom.




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Department Staff

Jason Hudson

Executive Director of Academic/Career Connections

Jennifer Temesvary

CTE Coordinator

Lisa Wharton

Secretary of Academic/Career Connections