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Employee Leave & Absences

Understanding Employee Leaves of Absence

All full-time employees will earn five days of local leave and five days of state personal leave each school year, depending on your hire date within the school year. Please Note: Employees hired after the start of the school year will receive a lower number of days depending on total contract days for the remainder of the year. Employees can use local leave days and state personal level days for any reason following approval from your principal/supervisor.

Please refer to the information and instructions below for requesting Maternity Leave, Extended Sick Leave, Temporary Disability, or days from the Sick Leave Bank. Please contact the HR Department if you need to be absent for more than five consecutive days due to illness, surgery, or temporary disability.

Contact Information: 972.429.3046 |


Additional Resources

Collin County Health Care Services

If your family is in need of a way to have a mental health professional from Collin County reach out, you can contact LifePath Systems which is the mental health authority of Collin County. LifePath Systems have mental health professionals who can speak to you over the phone or have a team come to your house. You can reach out to LifePath for help at no cost. If it is not a life-threatening emergency, but a mental health or substance abuse crisis requiring immediate professional intervention, call the Crisis Hotline at 1.877.422.5939.