Wylie Celebrate The Arts

Mark Your Calendar!!

  • Important Dates:

    McMillan's Fine Arts Night, hosted by Art 2 Advanced, will be on January 19th with artwork from art, and performances from the theater, choir, orchestra, and band.


    This year's Arts CELEBRATION will truly be a beautiful display of visual art talent, as well as talent in the musical arts!  

    Mark your calendar Celebrate the Arts will be in March 

    Celebrate The Arts 

    March __22__ Art Show Opening WHS Cafeteria 7 pm 

    March __23__ Art Show WHS Cafeteria Saturday   11 am-9 pm (come and go)

    March __24__ Art Show come and go WHS Cafeteria Sunday   1:30-3:30 pm (come and go)


    (Facebook page McMillan Fine Arts)