Course Description

  • Welcome to Chemistry!

    Pre-AP Chemistry – Mrs. Knipp


    Chemistry is the study of matter and the changes it undergoes.  This is important because the way in which matter behaves is the basis for everything you see or do.  You can get the most out of this class if you take the time to think about how the things we study affect you personally.  Approach the class with seriousness and an open mind and you will succeed.

     Instructional Objectives:

    When you are done with this class, you will:

    • Be familiar with common chemical terms and ideas.
    • Understand how chemistry relates to your life outside of school.
    • Realize that chemistry is actually kind of fun.


    Success comes from preparation!  Students will be expected to have their binder, notebook paper, and pen/pencil every day.  If you have your own graphing calculator, you may use it instead of the scientific calculators the school provides. 

     Supplies for the room I request you bring:  Boxes of tissue, fine point dry erase markers for writing on individual white boards.



    Your performance in this class will be assessed in a variety of ways.  The breakdown goes as follows:

    Minor Grade Assignments are 40% of your average.

    Major Grade Assignments are 60% of your average.

     You are responsible for keeping track of your own grade and can easily do so by logging into Skyward Student Access. 


    Quizzes and Tests:

    Quizzes are always a minor grade and will be given weekly.  You will have a quiz even on the weeks a test is given.  Tests are always a major grade and will be given approximately every two weeks.  All test re-takes require at least one tutorial prior to attempting the re-take.



    We will be doing a wide variety of labs in this class.  Before we start any lab in this class I will give you my expectations and explain the hazards you are likely to encounter.  Safety is of utmost importance in the laboratory, and for this reason you will be expected to wear goggles during every lab unless I specifically state otherwise.  For safety reasons, you may only remove your goggles when everybody has completely finished the lab.  Failure to wear goggles during a lab will result in removal from the lab.  


    Late Work:

    All work must be turned in when I have said it is due.  Late work will be accepted according to school policy.


    Make up Work and Tutoring:

    If you are absent, it is necessary for you to get the work you missed when you return to class.  You will have as many days as you were absent to complete the work for full credit.  It is highly recommended that you come in outside of class to get the instruction you missed.  If you missed a lab or other activity, come in to do it as soon as you return to school.


    When you need help completing assignments, studying for a quiz or test, or making up work because you were absent, tutoring is available every day.  My tutoring schedule is Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 8:20 to 8:50 and Wednesday afternoon from 4:30 to 5:00.  Tutoring is also available the second half of lunch every day in my room during the first, second, and fourth quarters; the third quarter I will be tutoring in the library during the first half of lunch.



    At some point during the school year, many students find that they have a question about grading or some other issue that they need worked out.  If you, at any point, believe that I have graded an assignment incorrectly or made some other mistake, I encourage you to bring it to my attention so it may be corrected as quickly as possible.  You work hard for your grades, and if I have made a mistake I very much want to ensure that it is corrected!


    Honor Code:

    It is assumed that you will follow the honor code at all times.  Cheating, plagiarism, and other academic dishonesty will be quickly referred to the school administration for investigation and subsequent disciplinary action.


    For the Parents:

    If you need to get in touch with me, by far the fastest way to get a response is by email. My email address is  Parents are encouraged to monitor their student’s assignments and grades through Skyward.


    Final Words:

    Don’t panic!  If you do your assignments, work hard in class, and study, you should have no problems with chemistry.  It’s fun to learn how everything works!