English as a Second Language (ESL)


    The program is designed for students who have a language other than English spoken in their home.   ESL instruction is provided to support students participating in the general education classroom and consists of intensive academic language instruction in order to become fluent in English.  All instruction is provided in English by ESL certified teachers.  ESL programs are designed to make grade level academic content accessible to English learners. ESL programs target English language development, including listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills, through academic content instruction that is linguistically and culturally responsive. This means that the ESL program uses the academic, linguistic, and cultural background of English learners as a platform for acquiring grade level content material in English.

Student Benefits of ESL program

    • ESL teachers are trained to understand the specific language needs of students
    • The benefits of an English Learner's academic, cultural, and linguistic background are recognized
    • Linguistic accommodations can be provided in the classroom and on state assessments as needed
  • Are you a current Wylie ISD teacher seeking your ESL certification? WISD is happy to help!  Information about possible test fee reimbursement or supplemental pay is included in the link below.  

    Wylie ISD ESL Teacher Certification Program