• 2020-21 Compliance Trainings

    Returning Employees: Training opens July 1, 2020 and are due by August 1, 2020.  

    New Hires must complete the trainings within 30 days of employment.   

    Credit Earned:

    • Professionals: will earn 3 hours of comp time.
    • Paraprofessionals/Auxiliary Staff/Substitutes: If you are completing courses outside of a normal contract work day, you will need to record your hours through Skyward True Time. Please add a note stating that hours are for compliance training.  (Paraprofessionals: These hours will need to be submitted for comp time.)
  •  SafeSchools Training (All Employees)

    The best part about SafeSchools is that you do not have to upload any certificates! Just login, complete your courses and obtain credit automatically!

    Login to: https://wylieisd-tx.safeschools.com/login
    Username/Password: Wylie ISD Network Username and Password

    1. Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Prevention
    2. Bullying: Recognition & Response
    3. Child Abuse: Identification & Intervention
    4. Child Abuse: Mandatory Reporting
    5. Coronavirus Awareness
    6. Health Emergencies: Life-Threatening Allergies
    7. Sexual Harassment: Staff-to-Staff
    8. Texas Cyber Security Awareness for Employee Program 
    9. Title IX Information
    10. Youth Suicide: Awareness, Prevention and Postvention

    Eduphoria Training (All Employees)

     You will be requried to upload your certificate into Eduphoria to obtain credit.

    Login to: https://wylie.schoolobjects.com//wshop/default.aspx?cid=9483
    Username/Password: Network (Email) Username and Password

    1. Seizure Training for School Personnel

    Coaching Staff Only- UIL Training

    You will be required to upload your certificate into Eduphoria to obtain credit.

    1. Constitution & Contest Rules
    2. Ethics
    3. UIL Steroid Education
    4. Safety Training
    5. Concussion Training
    6. Concussion Training #2
    7. Sport Specific Training