Students who participate as a Media Center Aide or a Student Council Member will need to submit a copy of their report card each nine-weeks.

  • Students may print a copy of their report card and hand it to Mrs. Mosby or they may submit an electronic copy through e-mail.


    1.  Go to Skyward.

    2.  Log in with your Student ID # and super-secret-password.

    3.  Choose REPORT CARDS on the left. 

    4.  Click on the top choice of report cards.  That one is always the most recent.

    5.  VIEW REPORT then choose DOWNLOAD to My Drive to electronically add it to a form, choose PRINT to get a hard copy.

    Skyward screen capture

    6. To add the report to a form, in the online form, choose ADD FILE and select the Progress Report/Report Card from Your Drive.


    If you want to send a digital copy, then at Step 5, choose SAVE AS and include that document as an attachment in an email to



    Report Card submissions are due the week of Marauder Madness.


    Thank you!