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    Wylie ISD has a cooperative partnership with Collin College that enables students to earn college credits while completing their requirements for high school graduation.  A Dual Credit course is a course that counts for both high school and college credit at the same time.  A passing grade is required for a student to gain credit.  Passing standards for high school and college grades may differ.  

    What is the difference between Articulated, Dual Credit, and AP?

    This document gives an overview of Articulated, Dual Credit, and AP: Articulated, Dual Credit, and AP



    I signed up for a dual credit class with my counselor, what do I do now?

    Follow this--> Steps for Registration and Payment for Fall 2020


    All NEW to Dual Credit students must attend the mandatory meeting on January 30th at 6 pm in the auditorium.



    Dual Credit Powerpoint from mandatory meeting on January 30, 2020: Wylie East Dual Credit Mandatory Meeting for 2020-2021


    How to Clear My Holds for Registration  

    Parent/Student Agreement


    Dual Credit Orientation (August 2019)

    An orientation was provided to all 2019-2020 dual credit students in preparation for the Fall 2019 term that begins on August 26th.



    Collin College Dual Credit Resources


    Dual Credit and Concurrent Enrollment (including FAQs and handbook)


    Dual Credit Enrollment Procedures and Guidelines Manual 2017-2018


    Students who receive 504 or IEP accommodations will need to work directly with the ACCESS office at Collin College for assistance with requesting services. It is the student's responsibility to provide necessary paperwork and request services from the ACCESS office. 

    ACCESS website


    FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act)

    Release of Student's Records

    Collin will release information from a student's educational record only with prior consent of the student. Consent can be updated by logging into the student's CougarWeb account.



    All dual credit students must join Remind to get announcements, class changes, and important dates from the counseling office. This will be the ONLY form of communication during the school year used to relay changes in information. Please join the group that applies to the grade level you’ll be in for the 2020-2021 school year. Parents are welcome to join as well but please join the parent group only.

    Remind DC group for 10th graders : remind.com/join/ddc7ak6

    Remind DC group for 11th graders: remind.com/join/9f434f

    Remind DC group for 12th graders: remind.com/join/4e24bh

    Remind DC group for parents: remind.com/join/664g2gc