Seven Ways to Look for Scholarships:

    1.  On the internet
    2.  College/university website/financial aid department
    3.   Parent's/student's employers
    4.  From the local community and church organizations
    5.  Student's middle/elementary schools
    6.  FAFSA
    7.  Restaurants, cooperate offices, Think Outside the Box!
    When you are looking for scholarships, please read the requirements/application details in its entirety to see if you are eligible, exact and precise details, and for due dates. 
     Available Scholarships:
     DEADLINE:  December 15, 2017.  Must commit to pursue a medical oriented degree program.  Please see attached for the Living for Zachary story and scholarship details:
     Please see attached for complete details:
    Please visit the link below for more details:
    Scholar Guide
    Searching for Scholarships?  Use this informative website to see if you qualify:
     Please visit website for more details:
      PP app
    November 30, 2017 Deadline!  Please visit website for more details:
    Please visit website for more details.  Deadline:  December 31, 2017 




     Grant opportunity: 

    The Conditional Grant Program is available to eligible students pursuing a degree in civil engineering or a department approved operational business discipline. The Conditional Grant Program will consider both Texas public and private four-year institutions.

    Students accepted into the program receive up to $3,000 per semester or $6,000 per academic year, based on financial need.


    Please read below for eligibility requirements. If you are eligible, we encourage you to contact the CGP Coordinator at (866) 554-4330.  Please visit the website for eligibility:

    2018 Graduating Class Local Scholarship Timeline:
    The local scholarship application for Pirate Class of 2018 will open in January 2018.  We will have more information soon:
    Birmingham Scholars Timeline:
     Scholarship Search Engines/Workshops: 
    This website will guide you to various scholarships at our wonderful Texas universities!
    College Scholarships.org 
    Search for grants, scholarships, housing...etc.
     College for All Texans
    Inspiration, Exploration, Application
    Scholarship fundamentals, types of scholarships, and much more!
     College Board Scholarship Search
    Bigfuture by The College Board
    Online resource for finding scholarships