• Purpose:  Technology can be a helpful tool in the classroom, but used improperly can also be a distraction to learning in the classroom.  I strive to find the balance that will keep students engaged while on task at the same time. With the laboratory nature of this class, safety also becomes an issue.  Technology must be used in a way that does not compromise laboratory safety.   


    Chromebooks:  Students will be provided a Chromebook by Wylie ISD for use in class.  They will also have access to the wireless network in Wylie ISD.  If at any time students are not complying with the district’s Acceptable Use Policy, an office referral will be written.


    Skyward:  Students need to have a Skyward Login. This will give them access to their grades at any time.  I strongly encourage students to check their grades on a daily basis, not just for this class but for all classes.


    Google Classroom:  I use Google Classroom for posting copies of notes.  Please look at the Google Classroom tab on this website to get the codes.