Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, Nothing is going to get better. It's not -Dr. Seuss


    Welcome to Mrs. Waskoms English Class 


    My Daily Schedule:

     Before School (7:50- 8:05 am)  Tutorials upon request
    1st period (8:15- 9:01 am):  7th Grade Writing (On-Level)
    2nd period (9:05- 9:56 am) 7th Grade Writing (On-Level)
    3rd period (10:00- 10:46 am) 7th Grade Writing (On-Level)
    4th period (10:50-11:45 am)  Conference
    5th period (11:49 am- 12:44 pm) 7th Grade Writing (Pre-AP)
    6th period (12:48- 1:43 pm)  Professional Learning Community
    7th period (1:47- 2:33 pm)    7th Grade Writing (Pre-AP)
    8th period (2:40- 3:26 pm)    7th Grade Writing (Pre-AP)
    After School (3:30-4:15) Tutorials upon request
    Unavailable days/times:
    Thursdays before school. 
    *E-mail is the best way to contact me. 
    *STUDENTS: Since this is a writing class, any e-mails from you will be required to be in correct e-mail/letter format. Informal e-mails will be sent back with a request for editing before addressing the matter of the e-mail.