Frequently Asked Questions

  • This page will be updated as needed based upon questions from the community

    • How will this impact my taxes?

      If passed, this proposal will not raise your school property taxes. Wylie ISD’s history of sound financial management and fiscal responsibility has allowed us to have one of the highest ratings of any educational organization. We are rated higher than some countries! Thanks to this, and the current bond market, we have been able to refinance current bonds and pass that saving directly to our taxpayers.

    • Given the current economy, is now really the best time to call a bond election?

      There may never be a perfect time to call a bond election. But we have needs that cannot wait. We understand that many Wylie ISD families may still be facing uncertain financial futures but the reality is that we are still growing and we need this election to accommodate our student growth.

      If there is a silver lining to the current economy it is that construction costs are at some of the lowest levels in recent memory. This will allow us to get even more for our dollar.

    • Given the recent history of bond election in Wylie ISD what makes this one different?

      This proposal addresses those needs which the district has determined to be essential. We conducted a comprehensive facilities assessment and have removed many of the items associated with past referendums meaning this proposal is $30 million less than the last one.

    • Is a May election too soon? Are you rushing into this?

      While a May election gives us a short timeline, we have been preparing for this possibility for some time. Both high schools have continued to see increased enrollment which means an increase in students participating in extracurricular activities. And changes in curriculum requirements means that we have science and physics classes being taught in rooms without labs or even sinks.

      Since the last election we have been asking, and listening to, parents, students, staff and community groups about what they feel Wylie ISD needs to do to move forward. Based upon this feedback the Board has set goals that includes managing growth in a way that provides:

      • Functional equity
      • Financial responsibility
      • Assurance for all student needs

      We believe that the components of this election meet these goals. Plus, changes in the election laws have created standard election dates which limit our options.

    • Will this bring equity to the two high schools?

      Our goal is to provide functional equity to all campuses. If passed, this will help by adding vital classroom and other space at Wylie East and improvements and renovations to parts of Wylie High. WHS is 15 years old so it will require other improvements in the next five to 10 years. Again, this proposal only addresses our most immediate needs.

    • Why aren’t there more items on the ballot?

      We know there are still some “wants” out there and should the economy (or state funding formulas) change, the community could call for another election to address specific items.

    • There seemed to be a lot of misinformation in past elections. How can we trust you will do what you say?

      This Board and administration are committed to open, honest, two-way communication in all matters and especially those related to finance and funding. Past elections had some contentious issues that created strong emotions on both sides. By listening to the community we have tried to focus this election on items that will have the most positive impact on the education of all our students. We hope voters will rely on facts when they make their decision.

    • When would Wylie ISD need another election?

      That will depend on if this one passes or fails. We estimate that Wylie ISD will continue to grow by about 350 students per year so our needs will not disappear. If it passes, we should be OK for five to seven year. Should it fail, we will continue to access our needs and current facilities to ensure we are providing for all student needs.

      This bond addresses the short range needs. The long range plan (through 2020) includes a new elementary school along with an intermediate and middle school. As with this election, student needs and enrollment, not the economy, determine when an election is needed.

    • Why a May election and not in November?

      We are saving money by holding the election in May.  Combining bond refinancing and calling an election simultaneously will save the district tens of thousands of dollars. Otherwise, we will refinance, then call for the bond election and pay for both.

    • Why aren’t you partnering with the City and hold one election?

      Because of SB100. All Texas County Election Offices were given the option to assist or not assist local entities with their elections in the even years due to the Primaries which were scheduled for March then the runoffs in May around the same time as the local elections. Collin County Elections Office decided that they would assist the local entities but at a very large cost, therefore, Wylie ISD moved its Trustee Election to November and the City of Wylie decided to go with Rockwall County. The City can contract with Rockwall because part of Wylie is in Rockwall County but Wylie ISD does not have schools in Rockwall County therefore we cannot.

      Since last fall the Primaries have been moved tentatively to May 29, 2012, therefore Collin County Elections office will be available to assist Wylie ISD with our Bond Election with both early voting and Election Day, but they can only assist us if we have early voting in one location and Election Day in one location. We chose to use the Wylie Administration Building (ESC) because it is centrally located in Wylie. If we used the same building as the City of Wylie our voters would still have to vote in a different voting machine due to our different contracts with two different counties. Having the polling places at the Administration Building does not cost us additional funds. No matter where we chose to use as a polling location, the cost would be the same.

    • Do I need my voting certificate to vote at the polling place or at Early Voting?

      It is helpful if you have your certificate with you. If you do not, you may use an alternate form of ID such as: a driver's license or personal identification card, a photo ID, a birth certificate, United States citizenship papers, a United States passport, official mail addressed to you from a governmental entity; a copy of a current utility bill, bank statement, government check, paycheck, or other government document that shows your name and address.

    • Where can I get more information?

      Detailed bond information, including Election Day information, can be found on Wylie ISD's website: