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Victor and Lakeiah Cheatham Scholarship

“When bright minds can’t afford college, America pays the price.”

                                                                            - Arthur Ashe


My wife and I are both educators by profession and are committed to helping our community by supporting the students of Wylie ISD with the Victor & Lakeiah Cheatham Scholarship fund.  We have been residents of Wylie for almost a decade and have children in the Wylie High School feeder pattern.  Lakeiah and I had to learn to navigate a host of unique challenges associated with being raised in an urban environment during our youth.  As a result, we’ve witnessed the triumph that education can provide members of a community as well as the tragedy that can develop from the lack thereof.  This scholarship will allow our benevolence to continue even after we are gone.  We fully anticipate that our contribution will empower well deserving students a chance to see the world in a different light and the opportunity to be the change that they would like to see. 

The Wylie ISD Education Foundation is a wonderful way for us to provide continuous support for the next generation to shape the unforeseen future.   Realizing everyone has a part in making the world a better place; we have decided that one of our contributions will be financially supporting young minds with the costs of their post-secondary education with the hope that they will someday pay it forward.    

It is with great pleasure that we have become a part of the Wylie ISD Educational Foundation through the Victor and Lakeiah Cheatham Scholarship.

Victor and Lakeiah Cheatham