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Gooch Family Endowment

     The Gooch family admires the high standards Wylie residents want for their community and school district. Perpetuating the Wylie Way is a goal the entire family feels is an important venture.

     David Gooch is the proud captain of a ship full of three generations of Wylie ISD Pirates. Stacie Gooch also graduated from Wylie High School. Their daughters grew up in Wylie ISD schools and Stacie and David have the treasure of currently encouraging their granddaughter through elementary.

     The classroom did not always offer smooth sailing for the Gooch family. The three adult ladies shared struggles with Attention Deficit Disorder and Dyslexia. These two very different challenges made for arduous learning since reading in particular was laborious and often frustrating. It was the support of their teachers and inventive ways they were engaged in the classroom that helped each Gooch to succeed.

     Having a brother wheelchair-bound by Cerebral Palsy furthers the compassion the family has for supporting areas often requiring creative solutions. With the knowledge and personal experience of how innovative classrooms can positively affect students, the Gooch family together made a commitment to create an endowment with Wylie ISD Education Foundation. The family’s named fund offers the Foundation flexibility to underwrite an array of Special Needs requisites in Wylie ISD. This helps to support all range of needs and is proving to be instrumental in moving students along in their personalized learning.

     This investment allows the family to leave a legacy of supporting ingenious ways that enhance education district-wide. The perpetuity of this endowment ensures the gift will still be giving long after their granddaughter yells her final, “AHMO!”