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Ames Family Endowment

   Today’s Wylie ISD students are tomorrow’s future.  We, Scott, Lymari, Emilio and Patrick Ames, believe education provides the tools to empower students to achieve their goals, aspirations and dreams; and we all have an important role in shaping our future. Wylie ISD has been an important part of our lives since our arrival to Wylie in 1995. We have been fortunate to be involved at many school events supporting our boys' educational journey through the Wylie ISD system.  A highlight for us was introducing the “WATCH D.O.G.S.” program district-wide.  It showed us that parents wanted to be involved in their children’s education. Scott and I have both attended Wylie ISD CLAAS programs which taught us the value in giving back to the community.

   The Wylie ISD Education Foundation heightened our boys’ knowledge by providing teacher grants for additional student development and enrichment programs. We wanted to be part of the Wylie ISD positive movement to shape our future and know the smallest gesture makes a big difference.

   We are truly grateful to the administration, teachers and community for their dedication in guiding our boys along with ALL students towards achieving their best. We are honored to be a part of something great for our boys, our students, our future and our country.  We are the future of education and encourage everyone to be a part of the Wylie ISD Education Foundation.  


    The Ames – Scott, Lymari, Emilio (Class of 2017) and Patrick (Class of 2019)