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Donnie Worthington Memorial Scholarship

In the AHMO SPIRIT our family wanted to establish a scholarship in our brother’s name so now there is a Donnie Worthington Scholarship. Donnie did so many things for the kids so this is one more thing for the kids of Wylie.

It keeps the memory of our brother alive and it would be what Donnie would want for the teachers and the kids of the Wylie School District.

All of us know that Education never ends so we need to invest in our children’s future. The scholarship with the Foundation is one way we all can help in continuing a young person’s education.

Donnie would say "I just want to keep our children off drugs." Donnie BELIEVED in the kids of Wylie. Donnie’s main goal in his life was to spread the word for our Lord Jesus Christ and to work in protecting the children he worked around. Donnie loved Wylie.

Donnie would say, "IN THE AHMO SPIRIT, IT’S FOR THE KIDS."
The Family of Donnie Worthington