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The Watkins Family

Being a part of Wylie ISD as students, administrators and teachers has been very important in our lives and the lives of our children who have all graduated from Wylie. The experiences we gained as students shaped our lives in so many ways and being able to return as professionals enabled each of us an opportunity to shape the lives of the students we served. Our four children graduated from Wylie ISD and completed their college education. We have been fortunate that our investments have made it possible for us to be in a position that we can contribute financially to the district. We both retired in the early nineties with a goal in mind if our investments were successful we would find a way to give something back. The Wylie ISD Education Foundation provided the instrument necessary to meet our goals. We have established a plan with the help of the Education Foundation that allows us an orderly way to make our financial contributions.

The plan developed provides funding for teachers and students. The funds will enable teachers to purchase materials above what is provided by the district. Additional funds were allocated directly to the Wylie ISD Education Foundation to be used at their discretion.

It is always rewarding to give something to others. Hopefully, our contributions will enhance the experiences that Wylie students will receive and they too will have the same love for Wylie ISD as we do.
Wally & Nita Watkins