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The Tibbals Family

Our parents, Harry and Retha Tibbals, served not only as wonderful Christian influences in our lives but also as humble successful role models. They never tired of giving -whether to individuals, our church or our community - all to enrich Wylie.

There are countless stories we could share - and many, we, as their children, are not even aware of - but my parents would rather us not focus on themselves but on their source of giving - Jesus Christ. The threads that run through their lives are "We have been greatly blessed, so let us bless others." And "It all belongs to the Lord, so we will be good stewards.". What a wonderful way to live life-one with no regrets.

So as a result of seeing their generosity to others lived out, we model and rejoice in giving to the Wylie Education Foundation. What better way to invest than in the lives of students who will make an impact on their communities and others as they pass on their talents and influences which will be enhanced by earning a higher degree in education.

Please consider contributing to the Wylie Education Foundation to honor a loved one, or to pass on something invaluable to others - a greater education. Keep Passing It On!!!
Sheila Tibbals Jeffrey