Degrees and Certifications:

Harry & Retha Tibbals


Our reason for establishing an endowment goes back to when Harry and I were young and people helped us. When we first married, our main goal was to put God first and then family and education.

Harry worked in a grocery store and, in those days, groceries were delivered. He delivered to a lady who was very special to both of us; she was like our mentor. We thought we would like to do things for others like she had done for us.

When we came to Wylie, we were inspired by the Birmingham scholarships. We felt that it was the more privileged students who received the Birmingham scholarships; it just seemed to work out that way.

We wanted to give to students who might not be in the top of the class. We always gave scholarships to those students who worked in our grocery store.

Our dream was to have what the Wylie I.S.D. Education Foundation has turned out to be. I’m glad that the scholarships go to students who really need them and I’m glad that the Education Foundation chooses the recipients.

It’s a thrill to see the excitement when the scholarships are awarded, and then to receive letters of appreciation from the students who have been helped. If you can afford to establish an endowment, I would encourage you to do so.

Our daughter is married to a minister and their children have been helped with scholarships from people in their church. We have seen what it has meant to our grandchildren to be helped by the older people in the church.

Retha Tibbals