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Truett & Rita Smith Memorial Scholarship


Why was I interested in establishing an endowment? Truett and I have given high school scholarships for a number of years and I see this as a way to continue after we are gone. I didn’t go to college; I grew up in the Depression years. Truett worked to support his mother so he wasn’t able to attend college, either.

I appreciate seeing the work the Education Foundation has done and the accomplishments are important and impressive.

Everyone does better when they know someone is interested in them and are willing to help. The fact that students and teachers know there is an endowment fund is a good thing.

I would encourage others to look at the people who are working for and responsible to the Foundation and how important it is to them. It is also important that every child who wants to go to school has the chance to do so, the endowments are able to help.

Harry Tibbals, a dear friend of Truett’s, held the endowments close to his heart. I feel that each child who is educated benefits us and the world in general.

The endowments enhance our school system. By example, we show to others that we do want to make advantages available to students and teachers.

We were inspired by Harry Tibbals, we want to inspire others.


Mrs. Rita G. Smith
For the Truett & Rita G. Smith Scholarship