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Sanden International

Sanden International (USA), Inc. – we call it SIA – has been a proud Endowment Partner of the Wylie Education Foundation for several years.

Our initial interest in establishing an endowment with WEF was based on Sanden’s global commitment to being an involved and positive participant in the communities in which we base our operations. The Sanden endowment was a perfect opportunity to expand our presence and commitment to Wylie and to its most valuable resource – the children of Wylie. As a progressive and growing manufacturer, we recognize the necessity of optimizing the educational experience of today’s students, as they will be the leaders of our company tomorrow.

The SIA team is confident that the impact of our endowment, along with those of other WEF partners, will provide meaningful educational experiences for Wylie ISD students that the budgets of the District cannot always offer. These experiences are sure to be memorable to both students and teachers and will stimulate and expand their love of learning and teaching.

We encourage other community partners and members of the Wylie family to join us as Endowment Partners of the WEF by learning as much as they can about the outcomes and successes of its mission and, then, begin contributing to their own WEF endowment so that the great results can continue for years to come.

It has been Sanden’s privilege to be part of the Wylie community for twenty-three years and we are excited that we will be participants in the future successes of the WEF for many years to come.
Jim Phaup
Senior Vice President
Sanden International (USA), Inc.