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Van Rashid Memorial Scholarship

Van Rashid was a wonderful person and a friend to many. As the school years passed by and we grew older, our relationship also flourished. Ever since the 6th grade Van always lit up the classroom with her loud voice and silly expressions. During our junior high years, she became uncontrollable. Never afraid, Van stood up for what she believed in and never gave up until people heard her side of the story, or her opinion which was "always" right! She was an avid tree hugger and had an extreme obsession for Enrique Iglesias, an obsession which I did not share. Van wasn’t afraid to tell someone that they were acting in a ridiculous way. She had the kind of infectious laugh that could be heard from two classrooms over and her impact on people covered not only the entire campus, but the entire Wylie Community.

Van was the kind of person that everyone wishes they could be: happy and smiling all the time, funny and passionate about life. Every test and every assignment was important to Van, "I have to get a good grade on this, so I can go to college, major in pre-med and be rich and marry Enrique!" She had her entire life planned out, where she was going to go to college, what kind of house she was going to have, and how many children she was going to adopt from Kurdistan.

Van Rashid will always be in my heart, I will always remember her laugh, and always think of her when I see a recycling bin. She taught me to relax and believe in myself, to never let someone or some situation ruin a perfectly good day. She has taught me to create goals for myself, and to have a plan for my life. She helped me realize that we are only in this world for a short time and we need to make each minute count. Each of us needs to make this world a better place to live. Van certainly did.

On March 30th, 2011, I, along with hundreds of students, teachers, friends, and family, said goodbye to Van Rashid because of an unknown heart condition. Many say that her heart was just too big, that God wanted her with him instead of here with us. Van left a void that will be hard to fill. She changed my life, and I will try my best to honor her life by adopting her attitude towards life. Thank you my friend, Van Rashid.
Seth Hiddink