Nahum R. Martinez



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Nahum R. Martinez

For the past seven years, we have reflected on our life after the storm. We have realized that NAHUM stood for HOPE! He was the person that was there to welcome the new kid or include someone who was being excluded.  He was the person that always had a smile even if he was having a bad day. 

We looked up the meaning of NAHUM and it means COMFORTER. This explains many things in which Nahum presented himself. His way of life and that he cherished and lived every day to the fullest. Remember to live every day to the fullest without regrets. What you choose your actions to be, will be what defines YOU!

It is with love and pride that the Martinez Family would like to honor one graduate with the opportunity to begin the next chapter of their life. Nahum is gone but not forgotten! He will continue to run in heaven and leave his footprint in our hearts!

The Family of Nahum R. Martinez 


How did Nahum affect you in your personal life?

"Nahum affected my life by giving me a motivation that I can achieve the goals I set. I became a stronger person mentally and emotionally. I began appreciating life more. I stopped taking things for granted. His death also made me more aware of the importance of life, make wise decisions regardless if they can impact us that very day, weeks, months or even years ahead of us.  Nahum's friendship helped me be the man I am today. " 

 Edwin Walker