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Matt Love Memorial Scholarship

The Matt Love Memorial Scholarship was established in his memory by his parents and sister after he passed away suddenly on June 1, 2003 from Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

Matt was a special young man who lived most of his 17+ years knowing that he had a heart condition and had suffered a stroke at the age of 5. He never let his inabilities stop him from living the life God had planned for him. He lived life to the fullest.

When we decided to establish the scholarship we thought about what Matt loved the most about his life and that was his love for his friends and animals. He was a member of FFA for 2 years and prior to his death he adopted a kitten that had a limp, as he said it "Mom I had to bring it home, it has a limp just like me."

There are so many life lessons that you try to teach your child as they grow up, but one that Matt taught us was perseverance. He never let his illness or physical disabilities slow him down. He may not have been the most scholarly kid in school but he made up for it by being one that was well liked and well thought of. He made a lasting impression on nearly everyone he crossed paths with.

Through the establishment of this scholarship we hope that the students that receive them throughout the years are reminded of Matt’s perseverance and love of life. As they grow, mature and have families of their own, we hope they to pass on their knowledge and perseverance to their own children and communities. 
Pat & Ken Love