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Mirabeau B. Lamar Masonic Scholarship

Mirabeau B. Lamar was a Freemason and the Vice President of the Republic of Texas, under Sam Houston. He then became the second President of the Republic of Texas, and during his term as President, took on several challenges but is most remembered for his dedication to establishing an education system for Texas to ensure the Republic had a strong foundation for leadership through the education of its children.

Lamar has been called "the Father of Texas Education." During his administration, he convinced the legislature to set aside 3 leagues of land for each county to equip schools. He also allotted 50 leagues of land for the support of two universities, later Texas A&M University and the University of Texas. Although nothing was implemented during his term, these actions led to the foundation for a statewide public school system.

One of his quotes sums up his views on the importance of education, "Cultivated mind is the guardian genius of democracy and, while guided and controlled by virtue, the noblest attribute of man. It is the only dictator that freemen acknowledge and the only security that freemen desire."

In the spirit of Lamar’s legacy, Texas Freemasons have been supporting Public Education by providing buildings, paying teachers and contributing financial support for Public Education in Texas since the early days of the Republic to present day.

Continuing this tradition of Masonic partnership with Public Education, the members of East Fork and Vickery Masonic Lodges have generously established this scholarship endowment to assist children of the Wylie community in their pursuits of continuing education.

In Memory of,
Mirabeau B. Lamar