Degrees and Certifications:

Bill J. & Jean Davis

Wylie schools have been a major influence in the life of our family since we moved here in 1965. Our four children, Alanna, Jay, Joe and Jennifer, graduated from Wylie High and each married Wylie graduates, Willie Calverley, Sandra Martin, Pam Hatfield and Chris Dunlop. Our ten grandchildren attended school here with seven graduating here and the other three moving to Dallas for graduation. One great-grandson is now attending Harrison Intermediate. I taught here for nine years, Alanna is finishing her thirtieth year teaching in Wylie elementary and intermediate schools and Chris has worked for the district for ten years.

While Bill worked at the Wylie Supermarket, one of the things he enjoyed most was working with the Distributive Education program at the high school, helping students obtain the first job and develop a strong work ethic.

We believe that having a strong faith in God, a stable family life and, a sound education is a fundamental prescription for thriving and successful families. We are so honored to be a part of the Wylie ISD Education Foundation as the work to enhance the education experience of students in the Wylie ISD, encourage our teachers with money for special projects, and provide college scholarships.
Jean Davis