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Green Team Grants and Scholarship Programs

The Wylie ISD After-School Enrichment programs provide a safe and nurturing environment where students can learn new things and follow their interests beyond the regular classroom.  Enrichment programs do just as the name suggests: enrich the District’s traditional curriculum and instructional program.

In lieu of utility reimbursement, after school programs remunerate funds to the District based on a per child participation fee that funds a scholarship to help Wylie ISD graduates continue to pursue their interests and desire to further their education at the college level.  We hope recipients of this scholarship will continue to follow their dreams of a college education.

 In addition, the endowment will also fund grants to members of the Wylie ISD Green Team Committee to assist in funding energy conservation and recycling initiatives at their campuses.  

We are grateful to the Wylie ISD Education Foundation, Inc. for providing this avenue for contributions by after school programs that will further educational pursuits of students and reinforce energy conservation programs of Wylie ISD.