What Are Passkeys?

  • PassKeys are handy links for accessing other websites that require a login. The selection of PassKeys available to you varies by your login. Students, Staff and Parents will have different passkeys available to them. New PassKeys can be added at anytime (feel free to request that one be added), so check back periodically to see if additional links are available. Use of the PassKeys is highly recommended.

To Add a Passkey to your Account

    1. You must first be logged in to the website.
    2. Click the My PassKeys link at the upper right of the screen. [Image]
    3. Click the Add New PassKey button from the window that appears. [Image]
    4. Check the box for each PassKey you would like to add to your account and click Add PassKeys. [Image]
    5. The PassKeys window will close. Click My PassKeys again and choose a PassKey to setup. [Image]
    6. Enter the username and password or other requested information and click Login. [Image]

To Use a PassKey That Has Been Setup:

    1. Click the My PassKeys link from the top of the screen. [Image]
    2. Choose the PassKey to use.
    3. A new window will open with the other program, and your login information will entered for you.
    4. Remember to log out of the external website and the Wylie ISD website when you are done.

To Edit an Existing PassKey

    1. Click the My Account link from the top of the screen. [Image]
    2. Click 'Edit Account Settings' [Image]
    3. Click the PassKey Accounts link from the menu at the left. [Image]
    4. Find the PassKey to be edited and click the Edit button to make changes or the Remove button to delete the PassKey. Note that there are two Remove buttons - one to remove the username details that you've entered and one to remove the entire PassKey from your account. Removing the PassKey or its login information has no effect on your account for that site. [Image]